The Garden Show

Now extended into October, artists from Flow Gallery, London,

Tracey Bush, Jennifer Collier and Eiko Yoshida

feature their paperworks in The Library at Dyffryn Fernant.

We are delighted to play host to these wonderful artists and their work.

Eiko Yoshida “I make paper plants and jewellery using twigs and scrap paper such as newspaper, food packages, shopping bags, wrapping paper, books and envelopes that I find in the street.My idea is that from scrap paper new life once again begins when I transform them into flower blossoms. In this way, my work represents nature’s amazing ability to regenerate.”

Tracey Bush “Tracey Bush’s collections of British Butterflies are cut from envelopes and vintage maps. There are quirky links between the butterfly name and the material used. Hence the High Brown Fritillary is cut from the dun contours of the Cheviots. The poetic names such as Meadow brown, Chalkhill blue and Small heath are hand-written in brown ink on tiny scientific labels. Butterflies are amongst the first indicators of environmental change; these collections hope to highlight their frailty and diversity, as an alternative to a collection of actual specimens.”

Jennifer Collier “I create innovative textiles and craft pieces using natural and found materials. Through methods of weaving, waxing, trapping, embedding and stitching I create unusual materials, which are then developed into garments and accessories. I often utilise plastics, papers and fabrics into my pieces.”

Open from 12pm to 6pm, Wednesday to Sunday

Tea & coffee available from The Library

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