The Library houses a private collection of books for the use of garden visitors. Teas and coffees available here.

Library by Judy Stenger

Located at the Orchard end of the Long Barn, the Library has an extensive selection of books on gardens, gardening, plants, landscape and natural history. It also houses our collection of books on art and artists.

The Library offers a tranquil place to sit and read. Teas and coffees are available – self-service, payment in the tin please. Books can of course be taken into the garden to relax and enjoy in one of the many places to sit.

However, this is not a lending library but purely our own private collection of books and magazines (e.g. The Garden) to refer to and enjoy whilst you are here.

Please always return the book to the shelf whence you plucked it.

From KAREL CAPEK to TIM RICHARDSON, with not everything inbetween but quite a lot!

From time to time, we also host private exhibitions from local artists. See News and Events for details.