Guided Walks

A series of three informal guided walks, looking at Dyffryn Fernant in the height of its Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons, led by the garden maker Christina Shand. Each walk will be held in the late afternoon and early evening to encapsulate the wonderful light and will cost £12 (including entrance) for the approximately hour-long walk.

May 20th.  The Spring Walk. 5pm

The garden in Spring- an intimate look at the garden in its early clothes, tulips, alliums, Clematis montana. The gunneras are beginning to add structure to the bog garden and amongst them the primulas add bright flare, whilst the early Dutch honeysuckle begins to colour the house. The orchard is full of blossom, damson, quince and apple, and Christina will guide your eye to notice the planting, the shapes and the passage of light and time.

July 24th. The Summer Walk. 5pm

In summer the swallows dip and flirt by the pond, whilst the grasses fill with height in Nicky’s field. In the rickyard the alliums and lavender are prominent, the meadow and wild flowers are coming into their own, whilst salvias, daphnes and dahlias colour up.

Roses in the front garden, aloes and cannas replace the tulips, and structural foliage is at its peak, creating interesting spaces to explore and uncover.

September 25th. The Autumn Walk. 5pm

Autumn, the grasses are really starting to make a show, and the planting in the orchard has come into its own. The bog garden is jungle-like, with towering gunneras and giant cannas adding to the mix. A good selection of dahlias continue, and the salvias are blooming in the front garden. The ricinus, melianthus and eucomis are contasting in the courtyard.

The gardens Autumn colour is on the way- the parrotia, azaleas and cercidiphyllum among other choice shrubs and trees.

The nitty-gritty

Walks start at 5pm, although we like to meet and greet everyone in the quarry from 4.45 to introduce ourselves, run through a welcome and collect payment.

Please wear suitable clothing & footwear, waterproofs if necessary.

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided in The Library


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