Workshops at Dyffryn Fernant

Garden Making with Christina Shand, propagation with Andrew Chapman BSc Hons (Hort), looking at different aspects of garden making. These workshops can be tailor made to suit your requirements and can be booked for groups of five or more.

Garden Making with Christina

Has your garden lost its plot?

In this design workshop we look at a dry shady site in the garden that has ‘lost its way’. We consider the original design, why that has changed, and options for reshaping and planting the area to maximize its potential.

 Spatial design, the effect of time and light

Focal points, access, lie of the land, creating fixed points and relaxed spaces. We also look at ‘the spaces in between’, how time and light create movement, history, memory and expectation in a garden.

Plant associations

A look at tree and shrub planting for structure and form, and contrasting foliage for textural interest. Using the garden and its rich diversity of planting to illustrate some options available to adventurous gardeners.

Has your Garden lost its plot? (part 2)

A progression of the previous workshop, with the changes in work completed and ideas for how the site is evolving, and which direction it is taking. Especially useful for difficult sites you may have in your own garden.

Challenges, consultation and problem solving

“Every problem has a gift in its hands”- how to find the gift! Bring your own problems, ideas, questions for investigation by the group.

Propagation with Andrew

A professional horticulturalist, Andrew has extensive commercial nursery practice and experience with over 40 years in the industry. Andrew will share with you his knowledge and invaluable insights in a hands on environment.

Using the extensive collection of plant material here at Dyffryn Fernant, Andrew will guide workshops on propagation, suitable for all abilities. Take home a reminder of your visit to cultivate, a little magic from Dyffryn Fernant for your own garden.

Choose your subject and provided there are five or more in your group, we can arrange a booking to suit you:

With a focus on seed-sowing
With a focus on cuttings
With a focus on division
With a focus on layering
With a focus on hard wood cuttings

The nitty-gritty

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided in The Library

Please bring suitable clothing & footwear, waterproofs if necessary. We will be out and about in the garden during the afternoon, weather permitting.

To book, please complete our booking form. Payment may be made by cheque or bank details can be supplied on request.


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