Eliza Anwen and the Myth of the Golden Oak

Mythos short story competition
Congratulations to Dora Ashe the joint winner in the junior category

Eliza Anwen and the Myth of the Golden Oak

It was a perfect day. The sun was shining and I could feel the warm glow on my back. But yet there was still a cool breeze blowing in my hair. “Come on Clover!”, i heard my best friend Meg call from the other side of the sea of students, rushing out the school. It was the summer holidays finally! The day every child across the world had been waiting for!

As me and Meg made our way to each other Alice ran up to us. “I cant wait for our sleepover!” Alice said excitedly whilst scrolling through her phone.

“Yeah, its going to be so fun!” exclaimed Meg

“I cant wait to feed the pigs!” I replied excitedly.

“uhh! I dont dont want to see those smelly old things, last time I got mud on my best skinny jeans” replied Alice, who was such a drama queen.

Meg lived on a farm which her dad owned and I would give anything to live on a farm like her. “Cant believe its finally summer holidays, six weeks of lounging and having fun” said Meg.

“Yeah I know we have so many adventures ahead of us” said Alice.

We chatted for hours whilst bouncing on the trampoline about what we where to do in the Summer.

As the sun began to dip we all got ready for bed, “hey I have an idea, lets play dares” said Alice mischievously. “yeah!” Meg and I said at the same time. We sat in a circle on the floor and it was Alice’ turn to go first. “hmmm” Alice thought for a second. Me and Meg sat in anticipation to see who would be dared first. “I dare all of us to go up to the old church tonight at midnight when your parents are out having dinner and we will go behind the churchyard to the big green hill” said Alice whilst trying to do the scariest voice she could muster. We all shuddered.

There was an old church down the road which no one used any more. If you ever went past it it would make you shudder, the old derelict church was rumoured to be haunted. “b..b..but” Meg’s voice trailed off.

“We cant go, not at midnight!” I stammered.

“Your such a wimp” said Alice spitefully.

“Am not!”

“Are too”.

“Fine then, Ill go, but if we get into trouble, your getting the blame” I finally agreed.

So at midnight we stuffed our feet into our welly’s and pulled on our coats. “Shhh!” Meg whispered. We cant wake up any of the animals, plus my parents are back in one hour warned Meg quietly.  I didn’t have a good feeling about this. First day of holidays and we were already going to get into trouble.

As we crept along the narrow back roads in the eerie silence I felt a cold feeling prickle up my spine as we arrived in the ancient church that was now only a ruin.

As we opened the rusty old gate, it creaked noisily which made us all jump.

“I’m scared” stammered Alice.

“Come on” I said.

Then as we walked up the hill behind the church I heard something whispering eerily “come to the golden oak” I almost thought it was just the sound of the wind but then I heard it again “come to the golden oak”.

“Did you say that?” I asked Alice and Meg.

“Said what” asked Meg. “I heard something” I replied.

“Stop trying to scare us Clover” Said Alice

We continued up the hill in the darkness and there at the top stood a huge beautiful oak tree, glowing gold all over. We were lost for words. Alice opened her mouth to say something but no noise came out. As the leaves were glowing there seemed to be tiny creatures flying around the tree, it was if the tree was alive. Out of nowhere appeared a tiny girl that looked almost like a fairy. “Hello! We are the fairies of the Golden Oak” you could see how much effort she had put into it but it came out as a squeak. “I am misses Lotus but you may call me Lilly”.

“your a fairy?” stuttered Meg in utter amazement.

We could barely believe our eyes we were face to face with a fairy.

“why is the tree glowing” Alice asked desperately.

“why? You havn’t heard the myth of the golden oak” said Lilly Lotus.

A swarm of fairies gathered round the tree when suddenly the tree opened up into a door and out flew a beautiful fairy with a diamond tiara and a lovely flowing gold dress. “Greetings” I am the fairy Queen. “Thank you misses Lotus, I will take it from here”

As we all gathered in a circle the fairy queen began to tell the story. “I will tell the ancient tale of Eliza Anwen, gather round and I will begin.

“Thousands of years ago lived a child named Eliza Anwen and unfortunately for her she was in a battle. It was a hard time for all of her family but she kept a smile on her little face. She was only one years old when her battle began. Us fairies have been told that it was against an evil spirit names Cancer. She was a beautiful girl with golden light brown hair and she had deep brown eyes. Lots of people were on Eliza’s side. Lots of people helped her. Everyone was against the evil cancer but she was almost three, us fairies decided to help.

So one day we decided to save her. We magic’ed her to sprout wings and we flew off into the beautiful blue sky. We came to this huge oak tree behind her home and that is why the oak is glowing, because she made the oak come to life. Her heart was made of gold and that’s why the oak is golden. She was the special one, the one the fairies had always been looking for. We saved her and now she plays with us by the golden oak all the time but sometimes she comes down to see everyone in the form of a lovely white butterfly.

So the story lives on, the tale of Eliza Anwen and the fairies, still playing by the Golden Oak.”

As we walked back to Megs’ house we barely said a word. We were just thinking about the story. “What a night” muttered Alice. “I cant believe this was a dare and we ended up seeing fairies and a golden oak”. As we climbed into bed Alice and Meg fell asleep almost immediately.

As I stared out of the window through the darkness suddenly a beautiful white butterfly came and perched on the windowsill.



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