October Opening

We are still open throughout October,

with normal opening times until the first of November.



Autumn is a marvellous opportunity for the garden, and for me, to just breathe out. The amalgamation of all the strong colours in the slightly gentler light works wonderfully. The red cercidiphyllum japonicum is scenting the air, the grasses are probably looking their best- fully grown and flowering with some of their beautiful autumn colouring to come.

The bog garden has been a real success this year; canna musifolia, canna iridiflora with its pendant pink flowers, lobelias, and big fat seed heads of the Arum lily turning colour now, along with the large royal ferns. Whilst the rickyard is almost on fire with marigold, scarlet geraniums and purple verbena bonariensis. Meanwhile the orchard, highly scented with actea varieties, is showing autumn colour amongst a filigree of grasses and early seed heads. The dahlias and the salvias in the front garden along with late roses are worth lingering over.

The nitty-gritty

Open from 12pm-6pm every day.

Entrance Free: £6, Children FREE

Regretfully we do not allow dogs into the garden, except guide dogs. (Although should you need a shady parking spot and water we can provide these).

Tea & coffee in available in The Library



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