On 27th April 2014, Christina was invited to talk about Dyffryn Fernant live on the Jamie Owen show on BBC Radio Wales. Listen to the full interview here:

Featured on BBC Gardeners’ World in March 2014 as part of Joe Swift’s mini-series Gardening Against the Odds.

‘This border is gorgeous, I love it. It’s exotic, it’s tropical… I like the way it’s taken on a life of it’s own. It’s absolutely fantastic, it’s so dramatic…’ Joe Swift

Televised as an ‘inspirational garden’ on Channel 4’s Landscape Man with Matthew Wilson, 2011.
Quote from the programme: ‘I am truly inspired by this place, to see what intelligent and interesting things you can do with plants, how plants can transform a space, is really exciting. Also the way they have planned the routes and the vistas and created a narrative around this space – wonderful’